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Understand I will not just take on anybody for this part. I love this and want to make sure I give your child the best shot at recruitment. Unfortunately, not everyone can play in college that wants to play. Some players can play but get overlooked. My job is to help those based on what I can see in a player.

Package Overview

Meetings every week over zoom for 1 hour for the first 6 weeks
This is to kick start the process of the 10 colleges your child chooses. Which will include. Going over the 10 colleges, going over the student profile, starting a youtube page to show videos, strategies and to talk about any communication. Putting a strategy in place to give your son the best opportunity and open the most amount of doors.

Contacting college coaches

I will help facilitate communications between your child and a coach of interest. This will include emails between the player and school. I will provide a template for each email for the player to rework to communicate with the coach after reviewing the correspondence. This will be unlimited communication for up to 10 schools. You must provide any communication from the coach once this is started. I will also help filter out general emails that look like they are showing interest when in fact they are trying to grab camp money. My job is to generate a player’s excitement, while getting the coach interested in the potential of your son. I already have all the templates ready to go. After the player has written to the coach and the coach has responded. I will communicate with the player about the contents of the email and go from there. 

List of recommended camps a player should attend

I will make a list of certain camps your son should attend. This will be based on the schools of interest of the player and who will be running or attending those camps. This is a very important aspect of the recruitment process. It can be a waste of valuable time and money going to camps that get nowhere. The object is to go to the camp that will give the player the most exposure to the coach and I can give dates and the cost of the camps that will be the most worthwhile for the player to attend.

Helping players prepare for phone calls or camps 

When communicating with a coach it is very important the player be prepared to talk about the various aspects of their game and why they are a good fit for that school. I will do pre-preparation for a call to go over information they should share. I will also look at the coaches profile and try to find a common interest the player can share. For the camps, my job will be to continue to text and remind the player to talk with the coaches and remind them that being personable is very important.

For each of the 10 schools I will lay out the schools roster and player graduation years to determine if it is viable.

This is very important in the recruitment process. If a team has too many foreign nationals or too many players in your child’s position you might want to consider another school. Example: A North Carolina school (not UNC or Duke) sent a really nice email and seemed genuinely interested in my younger son Jeremy. However, when I looked at their roster of 32 and saw that 19 players were foreign nationals I had Jeremy question the coach. The coach became defensive and I concluded this was likely a waste of time. On the flip side, I filtered out Davidson for Jeremy, which carried 24 players with 2 foreign nationals. We went to their camps and had the best camp experience. After the camp we received great feedback and they only have one 2024 recruit. There are important questions to be asked when communicating with coaches and I’ve learned what to ask.  It is important you know these aspects of a team prior to adding a school to your list. The last thing you want to do is waste your time or money. However, it is ultimately your decision and I will assist with my skills and knowledge whatever you decide.

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