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All About Me! 

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My name is David Hocheiser.​ During my successful career as a top mortgage banker, I had a vision to build a thriving sports complex. I brought this dream to life and created one of the largest indoor sports facilities in New Jersey. Through research, determination, and hard work, I was able to to pull the investors, the bank, SBA, and our builder together to build Sportika, a state of the art indoor sports complex. 


With my business and financial backgrounds, I have started a new venture. I am committed to educating families about the financial aid process. You do NOT have to pay a fortune for college. Instead, colleges will give grants (not loans) based on your family's demonstrated need through FAFSA and your EFC. 


I also became educated about the college recruitment process for soccer players. When my oldest son told me that he wanted to get recruited for college soccer, I was on a mission to gather all of the information that I could find, so that Josh had the best opportunity to be recruited to the "right fit" school for him. I drew upon all of my resources and Josh was recruited to play soccer at Skidmore College, while also receiving a 75% grant (not a loan) for yearly tuitiond. A SUCCESS STORY for us, so I would like to SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU! 

How I Can Help!

Guiding Your Family to Grants (not loans) Through the FAFSA/CSS Process 
and the EFC

Soccer Recruitment Services for the Student Athlete

Since the process for financial aid has become so challenging, understanding the FAFSA and CSS profiles have never been more important than now. Do you realize that there are over 100+ colleges and universities that cover almost the entire cost of college for eligible students meeting demonstrated need? The 100+ colleges that I am referring to have need-blind and need-aware admissions. There is a BIG difference between the two. I have done the research and can provide a roadmap to colleges that are affordable through GRANTS, not loans, based on your family's demonstrated need through the EFC. There are hundreds of additional schools that will meet up to 90% of your family's demonstrated need. Many families feel they need to guide their children toward state schools or community college due to finances, however, this is not the case. Regardless of your family's financial circumstances, I can show you that a four-year college education is within reach.

Soccer recruitment is time-consuming, costly, and most families do not know where to start or. You need a PLAN: Let me guide you through my personal experience, and share resources and knowledge that I have gained through this process with my son and other clients. I will help your son establish a presence, facilitate building a rapport with target schools, increase communication with college coaches, and having the end goal of your son being recruited.


I can alleviate your/any stress and confusion by entering your required financial information into FAFSA; a chore that most families disregard since it is intimidating, frustrating , confusing, time-consuming, and they feel that they might not qualify for financial aid. My banking backround in the financial industry for 18 years, gives me the understanding and confidence in knowing how to map a puzzle together.

Services I Offer

How I made a difference!

Clients I worked with had a combined income of about $250k. They were positive they wouldn't qualify for any grants from a private school.  We looked at the school her daughter was interested in, ran the net calculation, and found out she was eligible for $40,000. The grant money will be deducted from a  $78,000 price tag. 

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